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Yanko Marinov Krastev

·         Ambassador of the Historical Tourism in CIS Countries (Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan);

·         Vice President of SKAL, Bulgaria (International Organization of Tourism Professionals);

·         General Мanager of the tourist attraction No. 1 in Bulgaria - Castle "In love with the wind";

·         Co-founder of SKAL Europe;

·         Winner of the Tourism and Art Prize (Rome, 2019);

·         Winner of the Quality Gold Award for the "Quality of the tourism product" ITB SHANGHAI 2017, China;

·         Founder of the "European Association of Castles" (Italy 2019);

·         Member of the World Tourism Alliance, China:

·         President of World Best Destinations, USA;

·         Founder of Evergreen Holidays Corporation, Singapore.