C H A N G I N G   L I F E   T O U R I S T   D E S T I N A T I O N S  &  E V E N T S

The Tourism Committee of the CIS DC was established in 2018 in agreement with the leadership of the CIS Business Center for Economic Development, with the participation of an authoritative expert pool of the Commonwealth of Independent States, competent international partners of the CIS DC.

The strategic goals of the committee are the tasks of developing innovative tourism technologies for international cooperation of the CIS countries with a progressive tourism community from any state.

One of the key programs of the committee is the international integration tourism program "CIS + WORLD", presented at the International Economic Forum of the CIS countries on March 15, 2019.

The committee's activities are focused on the creation of technologically active communication tools that increase the tourist prestige and authority of the CIS countries on the world stage .

At present, the committee is successfully working on the comprehensive development of the international program "CIS + WORLD" . A key stage in the creation of an innovative tourism tool has begun - the “index of tourist demand for the CIS + WORLD” .

All innovations developed, or newly created, in the depths of the committee, are based on large-scale analytical activities, are exclusive and have no world analogues.